Thursday, September 15, 2011

“I wouldn’t feel upset if humanity came to an end.”

“I wouldn’t feel upset if humanity came to an end.” APRIL 7, 2011 AT 7:14 PM by noah cicero (We who Are About To Die) An interesting Article if you really know how to read... I read The Self-Esteem Holocaust Comes Home and felt extreme anxiety for three days. The anxiety was very bad. I kept watching that Johnny Cash video for the song Hurt. I sat for hours staring at the screen like a zombie watching the sad Johnny Cash get older and die. Sam Pink is making a statement on the last man. According to Wikipedia the last man is, “a weak-willed individual, one who is tired of life, takes no risks, seeks only comfort and security.” With The Self-Esteem Holocaust Comes Home and Person, Sam Pink is showing what it is like to be the last man, to be futile, to have no power, to be adrift in the ocean of self-serving humans. Because that is what it is like now, with so many humans alive and ever-increasing, an ocean, we are all drowning each other, holding each other under the water, no man, woman or child escapes. We seek comfort not happiness. When an American says, “I want to be happy,” the definition of the word “happiness” is “comfort.” There is no risk, no struggle anymore in the American spirit. It has all died. The characters in Self-Esteem are cheap; they have been cheapened by the world and have no desire to become expensive and rare. Supply and demand works with humans just as with shoes and apples, the more humans there are, the cheaper each one becomes. Tocqueville and Nietzsche thought it was democracy that cheapened and leveled the human spirit, but it is just population size, the more humans there are, the cheaper everything gets, people are cheap in America and people are even cheaper in China. Self-Esteem doesn’t contain any names, no first or last names, only the positions of the people in the story. The group of plays sets up a world where everyone is not a name, not even a number, but a temporary title.
The plays could be defined as tragicomedy but it doesn’t resemble any past works by Beckett or Ionesco. It is a completely different creature. I believe tragicomedy is a manifestation of a culture suffering from mendacity. Sam Pink is not afraid of mendacity, he knows it well, and it shows in his writing. Noah Cicero: I don’t know if I love humanity. I don’t think I do. Sometimes I think, “I feel bad for humanity,” but then I think, “How can I feel bad for humanity, I have no money and I’m not very good myself.” Then I think, “I’m surrounded by humans, some of them I like being around.” A lot of humans I do not like being around though. There are some people I would beat with a baseball bat if I could. I do not know if I could shoot them dead. But I could beat them. I don’t know if I have “compassion” for my characters, I like to think about people. It is what I’ve done since I was little. Instead of thinking about sports or music I would think about people. I remember playing football when I was little and trying to understand the relationship of the football team, and oftentimes dads would coach their sons. And I enjoyed watching their interpersonal relationships and going home and thinking about them. I don’t know if I want to save humanity. I don’t even know what I’d be saving them from. One time I was talking to a political science professor and I said, “The majority always wins, not people like me. If the majority wants to destroy themselves, let ‘em.” Sam Pink: yeah i don’t want to save humanity or anything. i wouldn’t feel upset if humanity came to an end.... To read more please Visit

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