Monday, July 18, 2011

Approval addiction

I'm reading  this interesting article, loved to share it with you...

Everyone needs to feel appreciated on a regular basis. This stems from our very human need to know and feel that what we have done is right and worthy of notice. We feel good when someone gives us their love and approval.
However, being overly dependent on approval from others, and fearing their disapproval, comes from the belief that others are responsible for our worth. If they like what we have done or said, then we are okay. If they disapprove, then something is wrong with who we are as a person.
When we become dependent on approval because of inner insecurity or lack of love for ourselves, we choose conformity, being "nice", and putting our dreams on hold. We play life safe, not taking too many risks, and being careful to remain in the box of acceptability. Pushing down inner passion, self-expression, and creative pursuits, our life becomes lukewarm. As a result, we turn to to temporary pleasures to fill our need for authentic joy.

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